• For new building construction or remodeling, Cooley's Home Center carries several types of insulation products.

    One product we are very impressed with is Johns Manville Insulation. Cutting edge technology - insulations have come a long ways in the past 10 years or so.

    Fiberglass insulation (faced or unfaced) in different R values, in the most common widths - rolls or batts for 16" centers or 24" centers.

    Fiberglass insulation is available in thicknesses from 3-1/2" up to 12 ", depending on your application.

  • We also carry Styrofoam extruded insulation board in several thicknesses. Generally, this material is available in 24" x 8' (tongue & groove).

    However, we also stock High-R 4x8 sheets which are foil backed.

    Several thicknesses are in-stock.

  • If your requirements include cellulose insulation, we have an excellent quality product in stock that will exceed your needs.

    Cellulose insulation is a smart alternative to fiberglass. It provides a green, efficient, non-toxic, affordable thermal solution that’s worth considering.

    Cellulose is “green.” It’s made of 80% post-consumer recycled newsprint. The fiber is chemically treated with non-toxic borate compounds (20% by weight) to resist fire, insects and mold.

    We stock pipe insulation wrap, faced or unfaced, foil backed duct insulation, and heat tapes.

    We also have hot water heater insulation blankets.

    One of the best investments for the value when it comes to saving energy is laying in additional fiberglass insulation in your attic.

    The savings in heating and cooling costs pays for the insulation usually in the first year.

    Thank you!

    "We at the Cooley's DIB Home Center are committed to total customer satisfaction through the dedicated involvement of all of our employees. We appreciate your business and welcome the opportunity to serve you!"

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