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20/20 CAD Program

We will be happy to sit down with you and help you plan your new kitchen or bathroom remodeling project. With many years experience with these types of projects, we have learned what works the best, what looks great and what mistakes to avoid.

With our computer assisted design program, you can design, plan, and visualize kitchens and bathrooms with incredibly realistic 3D renderings.

Our CAD program also works with pole barn designs, garages, decks, and sheds and provides accurate materials lists. There is a built-in feature that ensures that projects comply with industry building and design standards, from start to perfect finish.

  • Quite simply, our CAD program is the best kitchen and bathroom design tool on the market today. This program features technical advantages that streamline the pricing and ordering process and make the design “come alive” for you.

    Ordering cabinets can be a complex process. Not so with 20/20. Most cabinet manufacturers’ catalogs are built right into the 20/20 program. This enables us to price complete kitchens - both stock and custom cabinetry - with the click of a button.

    This makes designing, pricing and ordering much more accurate, convenient and fast. In addition, every manufacturer has a different abbreviation used for labeling cabinets. This is called 'nomenclature'. Manufacturers require the specific nomenclature for each cabinet to place an order. With 20/20, we are able to print out the exact nomenclature and know which cabinets are available. This cuts down on both mistakes and waiting time.

  • 20/20 also makes remodeling come alive by allowing us to create a three-dimensional color image of what your new space will look like. With 20/20, it's fast and easy for us to produce an amazing graphic enhancement of the finished project. We can produce detailed floor plans, elevations, renderings and 3-D color images to assist in your decision-making process. For example, if you would like to open your kitchen into an adjacent space, you will be able to visualize the renovation well before demolition actually begins.

    Maestro CAD Program

    For pole barns & garages, we can provide you with the complete building package, including a materials list, price quote, and all of your construction materials, and even show you what your project will look like with our computer assisted design service - all at very competitive prices.

    We use the Maestro CAD program for post frame designing & estimating. After the design of the building has been completed, the Maestro program will generate an estimate printout that includes a categorized building materials list, floor plan with the pole layout all labled showing girt, skirt, and truss carrier locations.

    The Maestro program will show you building cut-away views, roof purlin layouts, metal roof layout, siding & trim, roof decking / sheathing and more. Drawings can be used for building inspectors on most residential projects.

  • Delivery Services

    Delivery service is available. Our normal radius for deliveries is 20 miles, more or less. But we can deliver to further areas, depending on the amount of materials that were purchased.

    Obviously it would not be practical for us to haul a few items 20 miles out to your houme, but when you purchase materials in bulk, for example, new cabinets to outfit your new kitchen, or enough lumber to build a garage, we would be most happy to discuss a delivery with you. Our truck has a forklift so putting the materials on your site exactly where you need them is not a problem.

  • Window Glass / Screen Replacement

    Bring in your broken window or sceen panel to our shop and we can perform the repairs you need.

    Screen and glass replacements are done using quality products. Your screen panel or broken window and be repaired to factory new condition.

    We also sell custom cut window glass (to your specifications) as well as replacement screen by the foot in widths up to 4' by any length.

    Pipe Cutting / Threading

    Galvanized and Black Pipe and be machine cut to any lengths and threaded here at the shop.

    We can also cut PVC (schedule 40 or drain weight), CPVC, copper (soft or rigid), plastic rain gutter, plastic tubing (many, many sizes and types), and aluminum tubing.

    Simply tell us what you need and we can have your order ready promptly.

    Other Services

  • Propane Exchange
  • Carpet Cleaning Machine Rental

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